A attainable leak of Kingdom Hearts three worlds has supposedly urged that 100 Acre Woods is making a totally anticipated return to the collection and Frozen is making its first look.

The leak, which we’re classifying as a rumor, comes from the identical supply that pulled growth screenshots of Kingdom Hearts three’s Monsters Inc. world well ahead of the official reveal. It was first posted on Reddit, the place the leaker checked out file names from a FTP server. Solely file names had been obtainable, however it related recordsdata from identified worlds with filenames for enemies and objects, permitting individuals to make educated guesses on the remaining.

The found recordsdata allegedly confirmed FR02, with a whole lot of related icicle recordsdata, and PO, which has issues like greens and Rabbit’s home. The very best guess on these is Frozen for the primary one, probably as a musical world, and 100 Acre Woods for the latter.

If that’s true, that places the present world checklist at Large Hero 6, Tangled, Frozen (three CG Disney motion pictures); Toy Story, Monsters Inc. (two Pixar motion pictures); Hercules, Winnie the Pooh (two historically animated Disney motion pictures); and the presumably a traditional set of unique Kingdom Hearts worlds.

Kingdom Hearts three was introduced at E3 2013 alongside Remaining Fantasy XV for PlayStation four and Xbox One. The PS4 remaster of Dream Drop Distance, launched in January 2017, additionally included a prologue to Kingdom Hearts three.

[Supply: Reddit]


Our Take
It will make a whole lot of sense to make Frozen the musical stage, however possibly you combat alongside Elsa or one thing. Nonetheless, we do not know these rumors are actual but, so we’ll have to attend and see.

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