Nintendo’s pink puffball Kirby celebrated his 25th anniversary final 12 months, however that was merely Nintendo biding time till the precise 25th anniversary that issues, Waddle Dee.

The enduring Kirby enemy first appeared in Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992, technically making this the 26th anniversary, but additionally nobody cares as a result of it is Waddle Dee and he will get to have his 25th anniversary every time he needs. As such, Nintendo has produced a web site as an providing to to the canonically strongest character within the Nintendo universe.

Together with this vital milestone, Nintendo has revealed Waddle Dee Battle Royale, the place Waddle Dees battle one another for supremacy in a 3D battle enviornment. 

We are able to solely assume that is resulting in a Waddle Dee announcement for Smash Bros. on Swap at E3 and are making ready opinion items of how Nintendo doesn’t “get it” if E3 passes with out one. Yow will discover, and may positively take a look at, the Waddle Dee celebratory website right here.


Our Take
I all the time discovered it bizarre how Waddle Dee by no means truly attacked you, and gives Kirby no profit by way of powers, however I would wager 100% of gamers eat them as the very first thing within the recreation. Waddle Dee did nothing flawed.

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