Joey King and Steven Piet: Here We Go

Joey King and her newly Married Husband Steven Piet tied the knot on Saturday in Spain. According to PEOPLE, their marriage was secret, and not many people were invited. 

The newly married couple were surrounded by their closest family members and friends.

Earlier this week, Joey posted a carousel of photos of her and Piet on Instagram and captioned, “Love is cool! Love is grand! Love is kissing in front of the Fonte dos Amores and having too many caipirinhas together”.

Steven Piet is not far behind than Joey. He also wrote on his own post that, “You’ve unlocked a dimension of love in me that I never knew existed.”

How Did Everything Started?

Joey and Steven first met in 2019 when Steven directed her two episodes of the Hulu miniseries, ‘The Act’. 

King announced their engagement last March on Instagram, claiming the moment as “ a real dream”.

She also continued, that on 02/02/22, when Steven asked to marry her, she felt like she was the “Luckiest Lady Alive”.

Joey King recently amazed the Swifties by appearing in a Music video for Taylor Swift, ‘I can see you alongside Taylor Lautner.

The Kissing Booth actress dressed in a white veil and chic halter-neck dress as she toasted her “bachelorette”, surrounded by her family and friends at a winery. Later she revealed some fun moments on Instagram. 

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