Leif K-Brooks’ Net Worth: 7 Lesser-Known Facts About Omegle’s Founder

Fans have been very interested to know Leif K-Brooks’ net worth since he decided to shut down Omegle, a web-based online chat service because many of the users misuse the app/website to commit heinous crimes such as sexual abuse and pedophilia. Hence let’s look at Leif K-Brooks’ net worth and some lesser-known facts about him.

Who is Leif K-Brooks?

Leif K-Brooks is an American software developer and entrepreneur who is known for creating the web-based chatting site Omegle, which is mostly popular in the USA, UK, Canada, India, and Mexico. Leif was born on January 12, 1991, in Vermont, USA, and as of November 2023, he is 32 years old. 

Since childhood, Leif had a tremendous interest in computers and programming. He launched Omegle in 2009 when Leif was just 18 years old. Besides Omegle, teenage Leif continued to work on building new online platforms. 

Leif K-Brooks’ omegle Net Worth

In the beginning, Leif had the aim to create a safe chatting platform that could leapfrog the existing chatting platforms. With Omegle, he provided a platform to people to have video chat for free with strangers around the world. Soon Omegle received big success by collaborating with big brands and popular celebrities like Jason Derulo, Maroon 5, and 50 Cent. By 2013-14 it became one of the most popular mass messaging platforms alongside Facebook and Twitter.

During the COVID lockdown, the popularity of Omegle boosted many folds as people around the world wanted to socialize and they had no option to travel. Hence, Omegle proved to be an amazing alternative for the people that helps them to socialize by sitting in front of the screen.

Unfortunately, the platform was misused by many users to commit heinous crimes such as sexual abuse, adult chatting, and pedophilia. Omegle was mentioned in more than 50 cases against pedophiles in the last couple of years. Finally, Leif decided to close Omegle after a 14-year journey following user claims of abuse.

Besides Omegle, Leif founded an online education start-up Brighten (2013) which offered courses by professionals in various fields. The start-up was later acquired by Udemy. In 2016, he co-founded the $1.6 million-funded startup Octane AI with Ben Parr and Matt Schlicht.

Where did Leif K-Brooks study?

There is not much information available on where he completed his school but according to Forbes, he dropped out from the University Of Vermont and decided to continue his career as a programmer, software developer, and entrepreneur. 

Leif K-Brooks’ Net Worth:

According to The Sun, the estimated net worth of Leif K-Brooks is $5million (approximately £4million).


Leif has a house in Portland, Oregon and currently, he lives there.

Lesser-Known Facts About Leif K-Brooks:

1. Leif K-Brooks was a college dropout from the University of Vermont.

2. At Just 18 years of age he founded Omegle, a video chatting platform. It was the kick-off of his entrepreneurial career.

3. After launching Omegle, within a month Omegle saw rapid growth. The website became so popular that it received approximately 150,000 page views per day within a month. 

Image Source: Forbes

4. With increasing popularity, Omegle collaborated with big celebrities like Jason Derulo, Maroon 5, and 50 Cent.

5. His vision was ahead of time. He offered the users video chatting platforms when competitors were offering unlimited text-chatting features only.

6. He believes in the enormous power of AI, and hence apart from Omegle he is associated with other AI-based start-ups.

7. He was featured in Forbes ‘30 under 30’ list at a very young age which many entrepreneurs strive for. 

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