Bayern Munich is Interested in FC Barcelona’s Midfielder

A rumor has been attached to Bayern Munich for a long time that the club is very much interested in FC Barcelona’s 20-year-old midfielder Pedri. 

According to reports, the Bundesliga giants are interested in signing the midfielder in a deal worth €100-120 million. Spanish outlet Fichajes reported that after signing Harry Kane, Bayern wants to bolster their midfield by signing Pedri in 2024.

Pedro Gonzalez or Pedri joined FC Barcelona from UD Las Palmas three years ago. Pedri has come lips and bound since he joined Blagruna and now he is one of the best midfielder in the world.

But it seems Barcelona is unlikely interested in the offer. Pedri is one of the best players in the club. He is a creative midfielder who can break any low-block team with his skills. 

However, the authenticity of the report is questionable, as Bayern doesn’t have space for the midfielder. If the rumor is true, then maybe Bayern wants to sell Joshua Kimmich to fit Pedri, or Kimmich may sacrifice his role in Bayern. 

As of now, you can take the news with a pinch of salt. There is only a little chance that Xavi will think about selling Pedri anywhere.

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