Xbox Has Teamed Up With Special Olympics: You Can Play Alongside NFL and WWE Superstars

microsoft xbox gamers
There is good news for Xbox lovers. Xbox will collaborate with the Special Olympics in November and will host esports tournaments both physically as well ...
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Xbox Game Pass Update: 6 Games Will Leave Game Pass in October

xbox game pass
Like always many games are on the way to Xbox game pass in October. Similarly, a few games will make an exit to free the ...
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Pure Xbox Game Club Will Help You To Find The Perfect Game For You

Pure Xbox Game Club amnesia
If you really want to enhance your Xbox game pass experience, you should join the official Pure Xbox Game Club. The Pure Xbox Game Club ...
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Bethesda is Planning to Support Starfield For Another Five Years

starfield bethesda
In a recent interview on the ‘AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook’ Todd Howard revealed how Bethesda is planning a long-term relationship with Starfield, for at least ...
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Good News For Xbox Players: Japanese Triple-A Exclusives Will Come Soon

Xbox japanese title game
In an interview with Game Watch, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, was asked if gamers can expect anything beyond just getting Xbox versions of ...
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GTA 6 Could be the Most Expensive Video Game Ever

gta 6 most expensive video game
GTA 6 already created hype to become one of the biggest video games ever made, if not the biggest. The rumor grows strongly that it ...
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Starfield Made Everyone ‘Non-Binary’: Conservatives May Boycott the Game

starfield banned pronoun
As Starfield tried to take away everyone’s pronoun. The step has created a huge controversy as without pronouns it made every living being a ‘non-binary’ ...
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NexusMods has banned the Pronoun-removal mod of Starfield

starfield nexus mods
NexusMods has banned an important mod version of Starfield that allowed the player to remove pronoun options from the game. In a reply, Nexus said ...
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A New Major Minecraft Update will be Revealed Soon

minecraft 1.21 update
Mojang Studios has recently announced its annual Minecraft Live event, which reveals the projects in which the company is working throughout the year. It is ...
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Do You Know GTA Can make You a millionaire?

gta online glitch
Rockstars Gaming is very quick in fixing GTA online money glitches, but it seems the Deluxo money glitch still working.  The glitch involves buying the ...
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