NexusMods has banned the Pronoun-removal mod of Starfield

NexusMods has banned an important mod version of Starfield that allowed the player to remove pronoun options from the game.

In a reply, Nexus said 404 Media, the attempt is not any political statement or cultural war, instead, it is their right “not to host” the mod on its platform.

NexusMods has already cleared that it is not any political or cultural conspiracy as the company always stands for the diversity and inclusion of everyone in their community. Removing diversity doesn’t promote a positive modding community.

banned the Pronoun-removal mod of Starfield

There are already too many Starfield mods available on the NexusMods to download. Most of these mods are useful for gameplay tweaks, and shaders, whereas some of them bring a third-party character to the game.

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that many new features will be available on the Starfield, such as Nvidia DLSS support on PC, and an FOV slider.

As revealed on the Bethesda website a few days back, the studio initially targeted top issues in a small hotfix deployed on 13th September but now they are turning their focus more into various community-requested features that will come to market in a regular interval.

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