Russians Are Secretly Flocking to the Screening of Barbie Despite Government’s Prohibition

barbie film
Russians are secretly flocking to the secret screening of the Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Barbie’ due to Western sanctions. Children and women were spotted while taking ...
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Martin Scorsese Claimed the Hollywood Movie Industry is Biting the Dust Nowadays

martin scorsese killer of the flower moon
As the release date for Martin Scorsese’s new movie “Killers of the Flower Moon” is close, the 80-year-old Italian-American film director in a recent interview ...
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Will Tobey Maguire Cameo in the Deadpool 3?

tobey maguire cameo deadpool 3 spiderman
It has already been promised that Spider-Man will feature in the upcoming Deadpool movie, and fans are eager to know if it is Tobey Maguire.  ...
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Virgin River: Mel Confirms a Reunion With Jack

Virgin River Season 5 mel and jack
Virgin River’s ‘Mel’ aka Alexandra Breckenridge already confirmed a reunion with her co-star Jack Sheridan or Martin Henderson on Instagram. Mel and Jack will be ...
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Are DC Fans Unhappy with Aquaman 2?

boycott aquaman 2 amber heard
You might surprised why “Boycott Aquaman 2” is trending on Twitter. If you are surprised, then you must know some facts about “Aquaman and the ...
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Saw X Marketing Team Has Done Something Innovative 

saw x cover
It is not much to claim that the Saw X marketing team has done a great job in the film through its fun and inventive ...
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A Major Star War Character May Return to Ahsoka: Spoilers Alert

ahsoka episode 5
The newest episode of Ahsoka hints return of an unknown entity. But who is he? An old friend or an old enemy? For months, rumor ...
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Will Zendaya Play a Villain Role in Future?

zendaya villain tashi donaldson
Zendaya, the beautiful and gorgeous American actress, popularly known for her films like Spider-Man and Dune, recently gave a hint to play a “Villain of ...
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The Hunger Games director pointed out the difference between Jennifer Lawrence and Rachel Zegler’s characters

hunger games jennifer lawrence and rachel zegler
Speaking to Empire magazine, Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence pointed out the major difference between former protagonist Katniss Everdeen and its new lead Lucy Gray.  ...
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