Saw X Marketing Team Has Done Something Innovative 

It is not much to claim that the Saw X marketing team has done a great job in the film through its fun and inventive posters that were being doled out in the last few weeks. Now the teaser trailer has been released and the fun continues.

The social media accounts of SAW released a video that is neither from movie clips nor from the trailer, but a short clip of a Saw version of the classic family board game Operation.

The patient is a jigsaw puppet, the items to be separated are not anatomical either. A cassette tape in the abdomen, a jigsaw piece, a key in the eye socket, and a syringe in the arm, each represent a particular trap from the series. You can try to guess why one leg contains a saw.

saw x

The Saw X story is based on the events that take place between the first and second films in the long-running horror franchise. The movie will represent John Kramer, who is the head of Mexico for a risky operation that might cure his cancer. 

It will result in the encounter of the scam and the jigsaw that will end with some barbaric and inventive justice for those responsible.

Saw X Release Date:

Kevin Greutert is the director of Saw X. In the USA, Saw X will be released on 29 September 2023.

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