Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: Not Happening?

Seth Rollins has wanted to fight the Japanese wrestler for a long time but recently, Nakamura has announced that Seth Rollins’s fitness is not good enough to fight him.

In an in-ring promo during the September 11 episode of WWE RAW Seth Rollins challenged Shinsuke Nakamura to fight him for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But once again it seems Nakamura has declined the fight again, for the second week in a row.

After Rollins has made his wish to fight Nakamura for the Championship, a live feed of Nakamura backstage has popped up. 

seth vs shinsuke nakamura wwe

Nakamura attacked Ricochet and after knocking him down, he replied to Seth Rollins with a caring message. Many fans believed it was an excuse to avoid Rollins.

Nakamura has claimed that Seth has two fractures in his spine and is not medically cleared to fight Nakamura. As a result, he will not take away Seth’s title as of now.

Seth Rollins’s Back Injury:

Seth Rollins first came to the public about his persistent painful injury that Nakamura had targeted over a few weeks.

Although Seth has admitted in Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast that he has long sustained pain and needs surgery.

Nakamura targetted Seth during their first match at Payback, Somehow Rollins was successful in overcoming the situation with a surprise Curb Stomp.

Nakamura then attacked Rollins after the cameras stopped rolling, throwing Rollins into the entrance ramp’s LED board.

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