Will Zendaya Play a Villain Role in Future?

Zendaya, the beautiful and gorgeous American actress, popularly known for her films like Spider-Man and Dune, recently gave a hint to play a “Villain of shorts” role in a future project.

Zendaya became a fan favorite after her Spider-Man series but now the 27-year-old actress wishes to take on some new challenges in her career. 

Recently, in an interview with Elle Magazine, she revealed that she’d love to play some kind of villain role that gives evil or supervillain vibes. She also added, the villain roles may not necessarily be superhero roles but definitely will be emotional ones.

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Fans are speculating that Zendaya is certainly tired of playing good or protagonist roles in the film. Now she wants some spice in her work and maybe it helps to choose a different type of role that doesn’t match her cuteness.

She also thanked Tom Holland and the entire crew of Spider-Man: No Way Home and added she has no problem playing MJ’s role as she loved to play that.

While talking about her next film, she said, her next character Tashi Donaldson is not essentially a villain but has all the traits of a villain. 

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Tashi is a former tennis player whose career ended with a serious injury, later she ended up as a coach. With her support, her on-screen husband (Mike Faist) became a world champion. 

But the mode of the relationship turned in a critical direction when she enrolled Mike in a tournament where her former lover was also competing. To know who is good or bad you need to watch her next film definitely.

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