All is not well with Denzel Washington’s “The Equalizer 3”

Denzel Washington’s new movie “The Equalizer 3” will premiere this weekend but before that director Antonie Fuqua was served a lawsuit on August 28 by Paul Lozada, his longtime consultant and advisor. The lawsuit alleged that Fuqua didn’t give enough credit or compensate Lozada for past films like Training Day, Tears of the Sun, and The Equalizer. 

Paul Lozada was part of the team conducting research, consulting, and subsequent review of the script to make sure the information portrayed in the movie was accurate.  Given the previous experience of Lozada alongside Washington and Fuque, it is claimed that the contribution of Lozada is downplayed in “The Equalizer 3” and it becomes the main focus of the lawsuit. 

Lozada is seeking $250,000 in compensation for his contribution to The Equalizer 3 although the amount doesn’t include court fees, prejudgment interest, and any other financial relief that the court suggests. If Paul Lozada backs his claim in writing then it’ll be easier to understand that he played a significant role in the film. Although Antonie Fuqua and Sony haven’t made any comments about the lawsuit yet.

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