Virgin River: Mel Confirms a Reunion With Jack

Virgin River’s ‘Mel’ aka Alexandra Breckenridge already confirmed a reunion with her co-star Jack Sheridan or Martin Henderson on Instagram. Mel and Jack will be united again in an autograph signing event in Los Angeles.

In her Instagram stories, she informed that the live signing event will happen in mid-October when Martin and Alexandra will be on the same stage again. She also confirmed that both actors will not host separate events – “The same place, not separately, but in the same place.”

It seems Alexandra is very excited to fly to Los Angeles to attend the event with Martin. In her Instagram story, she also shared the link from where you can book your tickets for the event.

Virgin River Season Five (Part One) was released on September 7, 2023, consisting of ten episodes. The story revolves around a wildfire that threatens to destroy everything in its path, spreading throughout the town. 

The Wildfire brings some people together while tearing others apart. Issues of motherhood pushed Mel to make difficult decisions about her career while her pregnancy creates an emotional connection with her past. The cliffhanger left everyone surprised about Mel’s real father.

Recently, Alexandra shared the sad news about Virgin River season six as it will be delayed due to SAG-AFTRA strike action. Virgin River is available now on Netflix, you can check it out there.

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