A Major Star War Character May Return to Ahsoka: Spoilers Alert

The newest episode of Ahsoka hints return of an unknown entity. But who is he? An old friend or an old enemy?

For months, rumor has been spreading about the return of Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader, who once trained Rosario Dawson or Ahsoka as a young padawan. 

Well, Disney also hinted at it by releasing a pre-release teaser. The off-screen friendship between Dawson and Christensen is not something new, it was rooted back in 2003 since ‘Shattered Glass’.

Now the rumor is strong that Christensen or Anakin will return to Ahsoka after she loses a lightbar battle with a mercenary, Baylan Skoll.

Ahsoka was falling off a cliff, but when she woke up she was surrounded by a mystic, ethereal force dimension existing beyond time and space.

Here the twist comes; when Ahsoka wakes she hears a familiar voice. The subtitle confirms that it’s her Jedi master calling her, ‘Hello, Snips’.

Although, Christensen’s return to Ahsoka is not very unexpected. Last year, the actor cameo in Obi-Wan Kenobi as Darth as well as Anakin.

However, Ahsoka is set after 1983, Return of the Jedi- where Anakin or Vader dies. It is expected that Christensen will return either as a flashback or as a force ghost.

Or maybe he’ll pop up in the world between worlds as a human of flesh and blood, without the force ghost glow.

History of Ahsoka and Anakin:

Ahsoka and Anakin have had a long story together since 2008’s animated Clone Wars movie. Anakin trained young Ahsoka as his padawan until she moved away from the Jedi order.

The two characters later again cross paths with each other in Rebels. Ahsoka was shocked and disappointed when she found out her ex-master came through a dark world and became the dark ‘Darth Vador’.

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