Is It Necessary to Watch ‘The Nun’ before watching ‘The Nun 2’?

The Nun 2 is set to release in theaters on 8 September 2023. If you are new to the world of Conjuring, you must have an idea about which genre movie it is.

The Conjuring is an American supernatural movie directed by James Wan and redefined the world of horror movies. 

After the release of Conjuring in 2013, it received a wholesome reaction from the movie critics and the makers decided to launch its second part, The Conjuring 2. 

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The movie won the hearts of viewers but most importantly, the antagonist of the film, Valak became a fan favorite and the most searched ghost at that time. That is how ‘The Nun’, the first part came into existence.

The first part of The Nun featured Tessa Farmiga as Sister Irene, a young novitiate to become a nun. The story begins when the Vatican sent Father Burke and Sister Irene to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania, They understood something was very fishy there. Later it turned out a bigger problem than they could have ever imagined. 

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However, the first part of ‘The Nun’ didn’t get enough audience scores from fans on Rotten Tomatoes, receiving only 35% from the audience and 24% score from critics. 

After the failure of the first part, the makers decided to make the second part by trusting the loyal and supportive Conjuring fans. It can be said that you won’t see an empty theater on September 8 due to the fact it is a sequel to a flop movie.

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Another fascinating fact about the second part is how Ed and Lorraine Warren become a part of the story. Previously, Valak was featured in The Conjuring 2, and Annabelle: Creation. It’ll be very interesting to know the history of Valak and how Warren deals with it.

But the question is still the same. Do you have to watch ‘The Nun’ before you watch the second part?

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In my opinion, it is not necessary. These horror movies are not difficult to understand. If you randomly go and sit in the theater you’ll understand it as well. But I’d suggest you get some idea about the films or the characters. It’ll help you to connect with the storyline.

To understand the movie well or to enjoy the hype about ‘The Nun 2’, I’d suggest you watch two movies before you go to the theaters. The first one is The Conjuring 2 (2016), where the concept of Valak originated, and The Nun (2018), the prequel or ‘The Nun 2’.

Again, you don’t have to watch these prequels if you are busy with your work. But if you have time and wish to watch movies, you can check the two movies out before you watch ‘The Nun 2’. Enjoy the movie.

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