Do You Know GTA Can make You a millionaire?

Rockstars Gaming is very quick in fixing GTA online money glitches, but it seems the Deluxo money glitch still working. 

The glitch involves buying the Imponte Deluxo. But when someone disconnects the internet while purchasing, you might get it for free. Then the vehicles can be sold in millions of in-game cash.

This process can be repeated numerous times to generate an incredible amount of money. The gamers must take GTA Online’s daily vehicle sales limit into account.

How to avail the opportunity?

To avail of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online glitch, gamers must afford the Imponte Deluxo, which costs around $5,750,000 on Warstock Cache and Carry. Then you need to create a secondary character and your primary avatar’s rank will enable it.

grand theft auto online glitch


Game’s Pause Menu -> Online Tab -> Swap Character -> Create a brand new secondary character -> Join an online lobby with it.

After that, you need to copy the main character’s rank and paste it into the new one. By doing this, you’ll be allowed to share a single bank account with the two characters. The new character will be provided with a garage which will be used later.

After creating the new character, go to the Warstock Cache and Carry, open Imponte Deluxo’s page, and click on “Buy It Now”. Remember, after clicking the option, you need to shut down your internet. 

An error message will pop up and you’ll be headed to GTA-5 story mode. Connect your internet back as soon as you enter the story mode.

If it is done correctly, the Imponte Deluxo will be delivered to your garage for free. You can take this vehicle to Los Santos Customs outlet and sell it for at least 3 million dollars.

It is now reported that the daily sell limit for Personal Vehicles was recently changed and now you can sell three cars every two hours without crossing the new threshold limit. 

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