Good News For Xbox Players: Japanese Triple-A Exclusives Will Come Soon

In an interview with Game Watch, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, was asked if gamers can expect anything beyond just getting Xbox versions of Japanese games on Playstation or Switch. 

Spencer replied with a smile that yes, it is possible without any difficulties. Phil believes that they released Hi-Fi Rush in January 2023 which may not have major titles like Blue Dragon but quality-wise it is a very high-quality game.

Phil has also informed us that with the help of other Japanese game creators of Microsoft Game Studios, they are developing brand new games in collaboration with Japanese companies. Of course, Phil also showed his limitations as he could not reveal the name of those games.

From Phil’s statements, we can expect that more games with Japanese titles will come in the future. Of course, this step will increase its demand in countries like Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries.

A similar question was asked to Xbox corporate vice president Sarah Bond in an event during an IGN Japan livestream last year. She hinted at that time that over 250 Japanese game developers were working with Xbox.

Worth mentioning that Microsoft has made efforts to revive the Japanese market with the Xbox Series X and S. There is no expected date for the launch of Japanese title games but Spencer hinted that it’ll launch very soon.

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