“If Women Don’t Say Anything, It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Happening”- When Melanie Sykes Thrashed TV Bosses Over Vulgar Jokes

English comedian and presenter Leigh Francis has been accused of cracking disrespectful and humiliating jokes towards Melanie Sykes’ in ITV’s “Through The Keyhole”. Later in an interview, Melanie revealed that the TV bosses ignored her complaint about the joke which made her ashamed. 

Back in 2021, Melanie claimed Keith Lemon aka Leigh, made explicit gags about her in a live show which was recorded and telecasted in 2018 by saying, “Bet your a*****e smells of flowers”.

According to Melanie, she sat there for three hours and Leigh verbally assaulted her just to entertain the audience with his vulgar jokes. Melanie revealed these statements to fashion PR Lynne Franks’ on her podcast.

When Melanie went home, she cried all night. Later she called her agent and described all the experiences. It was a very helpless and shameful situation for her.

Later when Melanie called the production house to complain about those vulgar jokes, she was told that Melanie was the first person in the world who had ever complained about these silly things.

Melanie strongly replied that such statements and jokes hurt every woman but not all of them showed the courage to protest. If they are not protesting then it doesn’t mean it never happened. 

Melanie still suffers from that bad incident. It is like a nightmare for her. 

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