Bruce Willis’s Wife is Surprised if Her Husband Understands “Health Issues”

Bruce Willis’s wife Emma while speaking about the actor battling frontotemporal dementia, claimed that she doesn’t fully understand if Bruce knows his diagnosis and deteriorating condition.

Emma was emotional on NBC’s Today show on Monday and said it is “Hard to know” about what Bruce feels. According to Emma, it was both a blessing and curse for the mother of two girls to receive and ultimately accept his diagnosis.

She shared her feelings and condition at this moment that it is a very difficult situation for a person who is diagnosed and also the same for his family. Emma feels no difference. 

It was publicly revealed in 2022 that the ‘Pulp Fiction’ star was diagnosed with aphasia and decided to retire from acting. But Bruce’s condition has progressed to a dementia diagnosis earlier in 2023. 

Emma also became an advocate for World Frontotemporal Dementia Awareness Week which kicks off 24th September 2023. 

Susan Dickinson, the CEO of the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration, informed that the disease in some people takes away their ability to understand their deteriorating health condition. Bruce’s disease affects his memory, speaking and communication ability, and causes other health issues.

Apart from two daughters with Emma, Bruce has three children with his former wife Demi Moore.

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