Why Are Fans Totally Convinced About Halle Bailey’s Pregnancy?

Halle Bailey, the 23-year-old American singer, and actress, was recently spotted at the Gucci Show in Milan Fashion Week event. She was wearing black baggy clothes which according to fans indicate her pregnancy. According to them, it is a nice tactic to hide her pregnancy behind the baggy clothes.

Halle was seen in Italy while attending Milan Fashion Week, sitting beside Hanni. Hanni and Halle were chatting and smiling together before the show kicked off and fans have fawned over their friendship. When the video of Halle and Hanni went viral on social media, netizens started to notice more subtle details in the snap.

Wearing an oversized blazer-style top, Halle was trying so hard to cover her stomach and arms. Obviously, people have noticed that and assumed that Halle is expecting a child soon.

Halle went to the show with her boyfriend Darryl Dwayne Granberry aka DDG. DDG was dressed top-to-bottom Gucci at the event. 

The baby rumors are not new, it is circulating from August when Halle was spotted wearing baggy clothes. Fans posted several clips on Twitter where Halle wore large baggy clothes to hide her body. But fans went wild in September over her outfit choice at the MTV Video Music Awards. She was seen in a flowing orange halter gown that had loose pleats that covered her stomach. 

Many sources claimed that Halle stayed away from pink carpets as she didn’t want to be photographed and reveal her personal life. She also tried to keep people away from her by handshakes instead of hugs. 

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