Know About Amazon Prime’s “The Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood

Notorious British News Reporter Mazher Mahmood had lots of names. Now a new undercover documentary is going to expose more about him to the world.

The controversial journalist had paved his way into the circles of powerful people in the country. Some people also describe him as the ‘national institution’. 

He showed off a lot by flashing cash, spending time in his own yacht, and also deceiving some of Britain’s very popular people through entrapment. From the manager of the football team, and members of the royal family to famous celebrities, everyone was on his radar. 

But the story is not as simple as it looks. Did he destroy other’s lives or did the people destroy their life themselves? If Mahmood was responsible for this, does he have any kind of remorse?

The Fake Sheikh from Voltage TV tells the story of a reporter who generates controversial headlines by using a fake identity to trap his victims. 

The documentary will show you the rise of Mahmood from twice as the reporter of the year to downfall and imprisonment. 

The interviews will include Mahmood’s inner circle and probably you’ll find his traps and tactics for the first time in this documentary with never-before-broadcast footage of the so-called King of the Sting in action.

The show will also feature those people who were stung so they can speak the story from their side as in many cases, the sting operations had devastating effects on their lives.

The Fake Sheikh will stream on Tuesday, September 26 on Amazon Prime. It is directed by Ceri Isfryn and executive producers Sanjay Singhal and Jonathan Smith. Ali Afzal will play the role of Mazher Mahmood.

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