Why Does Xbox Series S is More Popular Than Xbox Series X?

According to a leak from Microsoft’s official documents, the Xbox series S is more popular than the Xbox series X. The recent court leaks from Microsoft vs. FTC revealed that 74.8% of Xbox series owners own Series S whereas the rest 25.2% owners own Xbox series X.

It is no surprise that the Xbox Series S is a more popular video game console than the X. The drawbacks of Series S are notable as it is neither able to hit 4K resolution nor does it have the power to have the same features as some games on the Series X.

The good thing about the Xbox Series S is it costs $200 less than the Series X. Xbox Series S costs $299 whereas Series X costs $499. Due to the price issue, many gamers prefer Series S more than Series X. Even the newly released Xbox Series S (1 TB SSD) which costs around $349 is still a better value-for-money video game console for many gamers compared to Series X.

Why Does Xbox Series S is More Popular Than Xbox Series X?

  1. Xbox Series X is the most affordable video game console out of the three home systems available in the 9th-Gen gaming.

2. The Xbox Series S is capable of playing games like Starfield, but not at the highest graphical resolution. The gamers who care more about the game and less about peak performance, the Xbox Series S will be a better value for money.

3. The Xbox Series is the best choice for those parents who want to give their kids the latest video game console yet cannot justify spending a huge amount for Series X.

4. Xbox Series S is also known as kids friendly console as it doesn’t have a disc drive. Kids don’t need to worry about losing or damaging the disc as all the games available in Series S are completely digital.

5. It is the most portable friendly 9th-gen video game console. It includes its own exclusive external display accessory that connects to the rear of the console.

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