EA Sports Has Confirmed Mason Greenwood Will Feature in EA Sports FC 24

Mason Greenwood, who recently transferred to Getafe from Manchester United, will be featured in EA Sports FC 24. Greenwood was removed from FIFA 22 and was absent from FIFA 23 due to his arrest in January 2022. 

Mason Greenwood was convicted of attempting rape, engaging in coercive behavior and assault. Later these charges were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

The spokesperson of EA Sports informed The Mirror that EA Sports reflects the authentic, active, and actual roster of teams and clubs in the real world of football. As Mason Greenwood is a part of the active roster of Getafe FC, he will feature in EA Sports FC 24 as well.

mason greenwood getafe

The spokesperson also claimed Mason Greenwood was not dropped due to the charges against him. Instead, he was dropped because the club had dropped Greenwood from their existing squad. As a result in FIFA 22 and 23, Greenwood was not a part of any active roster.

Greenwood is yet to play a match for Getafe but he is already a superstar there. Getafe has already sold more shirts of Greenwood in just one week than they sold for one player in their history. Greenwood is already a promotional material of Getafe without playing a single match.

EA Sports FC 24 will be released on September 29 but you can access them early through Ultimate Edition starting from September 22. FC 24 will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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