Starfield Made Everyone ‘Non-Binary’: Conservatives May Boycott the Game

As Starfield tried to take away everyone’s pronoun. The step has created a huge controversy as without pronouns it made every living being a ‘non-binary’ creature. 

Starfield invented an impressively detailed character-creation system that describes explorers’ characters, skills, traits, and many more. There you can choose the gender that you want to choose.

Unfortunately, the gender description feature causes outrage among fans who can’t seem to get with the times. Some of them were so angry at the fact that the game cannot force the gamers to describe themselves on the basis of gender and create discrimination among them.

NexusMods responded to 404 Media, that they don’t support the mod that discriminates the gender. They also added, this mod was not for them and it is their right not to host the mod on their platform.

nexusmods starfield pronoun banned boycot

NexusMods also cleared that it is not any political alignment or cultural war. In fact, they promote diversity and inclusion in their community without any discrimination. But for any diversity that is not positive to the modding community, NexusMods will not support it.

Why do Conservatives try to boycott Starfield?

Trans and gender-diverse people always use games to escape from reality and enjoy a fantasy identity that they want to have. This is a common acting-out fantasy among non-trans player as well who wants to hide their identity. With the character-creation feature, they can create a stronger, taller, or more conventionally attractive personality than they really are in the real world. 

Games are one of the best ways to enjoy a fantasy world. Today in the artificial world, games can offer almost everything that one misses in their real life. The added feature in newer games provides trans and gender-diverse gamers to enjoy a fictional identity that they can only dream of. 

Those who tried to boycott the game over the inclusion of pronoun options and customizing genders are trying to create a virtual world by ignoring the trans and gender-diverse community.

The inclusion of gender and character creation in a game is not only beneficial for trans and gender-diverse communities, but also it is very important for storytelling and making the game more interesting. Imposing political and cultural opinions in the virtual world is a loss not only for gamers but also for society.

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