GTA 6 Could be the Most Expensive Video Game Ever

GTA 6 already created hype to become one of the biggest video games ever made, if not the biggest. The rumor grows strongly that it will be one of the most expensive video games ever.

Back in 2013, when GTA 5 was released it was estimated that the total cost to make the game was around $265 million which includes development costs as well as marketing and distribution. You might be surprised that, according to many sources it is claimed that the cost will be a mere fraction of the total costs of GTA 6. 

The leaks from GTA 6 suggest that gamers can enjoy its huge open world with hundreds of side missions and activities that can occupy the gamers for a long time.

Right now it is speculated that GTA 6 will cost more than $1 billion if you include marketing and promotional costs. It is assumed only the development cost of the game is beyond $300 billion.

However, no release date for the trailer was official but it is confirmed that it could be one of the most entertaining games you have ever played. 

Few other sources based on previous leaks estimated that the total cost of GTA 6 is approximately $2 billion. We don’t know what is true but according to the rumors and estimations, it is confirmed that the making and marketing cost of the game is one of the highest ever.

It is not surprising that the retail price of the game will be around $150, but after analyzing the market, the amount looks highly unlikely. 

GTA 6 is expected to be released in March 2025, however, there is no official confirmation yet.

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