A New Major Minecraft Update will be Revealed Soon

Mojang Studios has recently announced its annual Minecraft Live event, which reveals the projects in which the company is working throughout the year. It is expected that the company will reveal all four new games that they are working on.

The most famous major update among them will be the update for the main sandbox game. Usually, Mojang Developers release at least one major update every year to the game in order to make it exciting and relevant. This year is no exception.

Mojang recently launched a trailer for the event. At the end of the trailer, it is informed that Minecraft Live will be held on October 15 at 1 p.m. EDT. Since the 1.21 update for the sandbox game will be the highlight of the event, fans need to watch the entire event in order to receive the news before everyone.

When will the 1.21 update of Sandbox be released?

minecraft sandbox 1.21 update mojang

The approximate time for releasing the update will be revealed only during the event. For the last two years, Mojang has released its major updates in the first week of June, such as 1.19 (The Wild Update), and 1.20  (Trails and Tales Update). Hence, you can assume that the possible time for releasing the update can be May or June.

However, the 1.21 update is not released yet, there has been a lot of rumor and speculation about the future update. Gamers are speculating that End Realm, Deep Dark, Ancient City, Desert biome, etc., will get new features like blocks, mobs, etc.

Interestingly, there is not a single hint, picture or even a name has been provided by the developer. It is assumed that in the coming days, Mojang will reveal more about the update to hype the interest of the fans.

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