Bethesda is Planning to Support Starfield For Another Five Years

In a recent interview on the ‘AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook’ Todd Howard revealed how Bethesda is planning a long-term relationship with Starfield, for at least five years. 

Todd said they have learned from their previous projects like Skyrim and Fallout that people love to play them for a long duration. Starfield is no exception and due to this reason Bethesda is very interested in promoting their collaboration with the game.

One of the best ways to enhance a game’s life is proper mod support. Bethesda is very familiar with the brand of massive open-world role-playing games. If you look into the mod versions of Skyrim you’ll find out how excellent the mod versions are.

Todd gave an example of Skyrim and said when Skyrim was launched it was a big game but after 12 long years, it is an even much bigger one. When the audience gets used to a game they always want to add more features and mods to the game and that’s what the developers do.

Bethesda is trying to mix official and moded add-ons for Starfield. But team Bethesda is not in a hurry to do it very soon as they are planning to support the game for at least five more years. 

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