Pure Xbox Game Club Will Help You To Find The Perfect Game For You

If you really want to enhance your Xbox game pass experience, you should join the official Pure Xbox Game Club. The Pure Xbox Game Club is nothing but a community-driven initiative whose sole purpose is to enhance the Xbox Game Pass experience.

It is organized by ralphdibny, Balta666, and other contributors on the Pure Xbox forums. This club brings gamers together to play a selected game from Xbox Game Pass and share their experiences about the game every month. 

The contributors also vote on which game to play every month. In October 2023, they chose Amnesia: Collection which is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Cloud gaming, and PCs.

The gaming community has gained insane popularity within a short span of time. To date, there are almost 2800 members have entered the community to discuss the game and share opinions and insights.

Previously the community has discussed Gris. A few contributors said that Gris is a nice game with stunning graphics and soundtracks which is fun to play. One of them found the game not so attractive in storytelling but its puzzles are unlocked only with the discovery of hidden achievements. Another contributor shared his opinion that it is a fun and artistic game full of surprise elements. Its artistic style is similar to a living water painting.

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