xScreen For Xbox Series S is Now an Officially Licensed Product

UPSpec Gaming has announced xScreen for Xbox Series S. It is now an official ‘Designed for Xbox’ licensed product which means it undergoes various rigorous testing and validation conducted by the Xbox Quality Assurance team. Such official assurance provides additional reassurance to future buyers of the portable screen.

The portable monitor is very compact and very easy to carry. It only requires a single cable to charge the monitor and display. This will be very beneficial to those gamers who want to play games anywhere and anytime despite all the other screens in the house being occupied.

This device can be seen as a premium product even after one year of its launch. However, the original price is $250 but you can find it at a discounted rate ($209.99) on Amazon.

Features of xScreen:

The xScreen includes an 11.6-inch 1080p foldable IPS display, but available only in a white color variant. The best thing is that it is very smooth and minimalist. It also provides you with a foldable hinge that gives a laptop-like experience when connected.

You only need an HDMI cable and one of the USB-A ports located on the back of the console to connect xScreen to the video game console.

There are two optional accessories available for the portable screen. These accessories are sold separately and are worth $59.99 and $24.99. The traveling case costs $59.99 and is designed perfectly to make it ideal for travel.  Stand feet ($24.99) allow you to position the console vertically for convenience while playing games. 

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