Kim Kardashian Claimed She Never Had a Beer Before But Fans Exposed Her

Kim Kardashian is known for avoiding alcohol but she began to “drink a little” and “let loose” in late 2022. Kim generally prefers tequila and pineapple juice to drink but she gave a shot at beer during “The Kardashians premiere” for the “First Time Ever”?

Khloe admitted while she was in Cabo for a family trip that she never had a “regular beer” before besides a road stripe in Jamaica. Khloe handed over a Corona beer to Kim and Kim quickly chimed in that she was confused if she would like the beer as she never tasted a beer. Later she finds that the beer is sweet.

But fans don’t forget things easily. They quickly bring out evidence on Twitter or X that Kim has tried beer before. Fans also pointed out that Kim not only tried beer before but was photographed with Kris Jenner carrying Guinness pints, and doing a keg stand.

A few fans became angry and questioned why the Kardashian lied as she was spotted in a UK Pub in March while holding Guinness pints.

Kardashian sisters often brought out trolls from the internet community. Many fans believe they are the least relatable people on planet Earth. The Kardashian family is often accused of being out of touch. In fact, in season 3 of The Kardashians, Kris Jenner gave $300 to Khloe just to buy burgers from In-N-Out! Can you imagine $300 for a burger?

Khloe later admitted that her mother tried to give her $300 at the beginning but Khloe accepted only $100 for a cheeseburger. Kris tried to give $300 only because she didn’t know how much fast food restaurants cost. But seems Khloe knows very well that you don’t need hundreds of dollars for fast food restaurants. 

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