15 Facts About Blake Lively Will Surprise You

Blake Lively is a 36-year-old American actress who is known for her role in ‘Green Lantern’. Fans are always interested to know more about her. Here are 15 lesser-known facts that you should know about Blake Lively.

15 Lesser Known Facts About Blake Lively:

1. Blake injured her hand while punching Jude Law. The injury was so bad that her hand was fixed after multiple surgeries.

2. Blake loves to troll her husband Ryan Reynolds. Well, Ryan loves to do that too. The couple always pull each other’s legs on social media. Blake often not only humiliates Ryan’s cooking skills but also uploads Ryan’s cooking on social media, so fans can see them and laugh.

3. Blake Lively is a very supportive wife. She often attends Ryan Reynold’s shows and promotional events without informing Ryan. 

4. Blake loves to cook and has become a gourmet chef over the years, thanks to her mother.

blake lively ryan reynolds facts

5. Blake once revealed her 12-carat engagement ring is worth more than $2 million!

6. Blake Lively invited The Machine and her good friend and lead singer Florence Welch to perform at her wedding. Florence repeatedly sang three songs at her wedding.

7. Blake was pregnant while filming “The Shallows” and she was expecting her second child at that time. Filming for such an action movie during pregnancy is not an easy task.

8. Blake loves any kind of dessert from chocolate souffle to cupcakes. 

9. Mobile, Credit Card, and Passport are the three things without them Blake can’t survive even one single day.

10. Blake Lively’s favorite superhero is not Deadpool, but it is Hal Jordan (Green Lantern).

11. Blake once revealed that she loves France and she wishes one day she could live in Paris.

12. She loves to stay fit but she hates to go to the gym. Of course, a person who loves to eat like Blake, more precisely sweets, will not love to go to the gym. Gym is something contradictory to them.

13. Whenever she has time, Blake loves to watch ‘Wizard of OZ’ with her daughter.

14. Blake doesn’t like it when someone suggests her clothes. She doesn’t like when someone imposes authority on her. She has control issues and a big ego as she loves to control her own image herself.

15. Blake Lively had a business called ‘Preserve’, a website that sold the type of items that tended to appeal to hipsters. After one year of the business, Blake decided to close down the website in 2015 due to it could not compete with other lifestyle websites. It was a rare failure in her bright career.

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