Real Madrid is One of the Two Clubs Who Voted Against La Liga President Javier Tebas

Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga has secured a substantial salary hike that puts him as one of the highest earners in the history of Spanish football. As per El Espanol, the majority of the first and second-division clubs have voted in favor of his salary hike from €3.36 million to €5.47 million a year.

But not all clubs are happy with Tebas’ performance. Two clubs voted against Javier Tebas’ salary rise. One of the clubs is Real Madrid as they publicly announced in the assembly that they are not happy with Tebas over several issues, such as the failure of the European Super League project, the sale of CVC’s stake in La Liga, and the salary cap imposed on the clubs and many others. The other club that voted against Javier Tebas’ salary hike is still unknown. However, Barcelona’s vote is a secret as of now.

Tebas’ new salary will put him in the same bracket as Barcelona’s head coach Xavi who reportedly earns around €5 million a year. This move also promotes Javier Tebas ahead of UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin and FIFA president Gianni Infantino as one of the highest-paid executives in world football. 

As per EL ESPAÑOL, Tebas has maintained his fixed salary of €2.1 million euro but changes the amount of bonuses that he receives at the end of every season. Until now, he received up to 65% of that fixed salary for the sale of audiovisual rights. 

Many critics have questioned the timing of his Salary rise when most of the La Liga clubs are struggling financially to register their players. Real Madrid’s chief editor Kiyan Sobhani publicly criticised Tebas and added La Liga should prioritize implementing goal-line technology instead of the President’s salary hike. 

However, Tebas has defended himself by claiming that he deserves rewards for his work. Tebas also confirmed that he’ll run for another term as president of La Liga.

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