“Nobody Believed me”- Alex Pereira on UFC 293

Sean Strickland’s victory over Israel Adesanya on UFC 293 is probably one of the biggest upsets in the history of UFC ever. Sean beats Adesanya with a unanimous decision with a brutal knockdown in the first round.

The victory of Strickland looks bigger upset than it is because the fight was scheduled at Sydney, which you can say is the home of Adesanya. 

When the world is shocked, former Middleweight Champ, Alex Pereira is not shocked about the result at all. In fact, for him, it was very much predicted.

What did Alex Pereira Predicted?

Alex pereira vs israel Adesanya and Sean strickland

Alex Pereira has fought Israel Adesanya four times including two times in kickboxing and two times in UFC. Alex won three out of them whereas Israel took his revenge by KO him in their last fight. Alex also faced Sean Strickland in UFC 276 where Alex finished Sean in the first round by KO.

The 36-year-old Brazilian mixed martial artist has trained with Sean Strickland after their fight and according to him Sean has impressed him with his fighting style.

Alex said about Sean that people may say Sean’s fighting style is awkward but his style works. He also claimed, that he rented some techniques from Sean and implemented them in his fight game because they are very much effective.

During UFC 291, Alex commented about the fight. He said that time that fighting Israel was definitely a difficult task but not impossible. He also claimed that if anyone had a chance to beat Adesanya, it was Strickland.

After the UFC 293 event, Alex tweeted “I told you so..”.

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