What Did Happen When Fans Confuse Mila Kunis with Megan Fox?

Mila Kunis, the 40-year-old Ukrainian-born actress is famous for rom-com series like Ted, Friends with Benefits, The’70s Show, etc. But the actress has also provided her voice for animated characters like Meg Gryphon in The Family Guy. 

However, she is a well-known face in the industry, she was often confused by fans with someone else. Something like that happened very recently and she handled it in a graceful manner.

How did it happen?

mila kunis and megan fox

Mila Kunis arrived in the acting industry at a very young age. Despite being a very prominent figure in the industry, she was mistaken by a fan as Megan Fox while giving autographs after exiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! in New York City.

A video clip is circulating on social media showing that when Mila was giving autographs, a fan gave her a picture of Megan Fox to sign. It is not clear yet if it was intentional or by mistake but the 40-year-old actress handled the situation gracefully.

Mila replied to the incident, “I love her. That’s Megan Fox. She’s fantastic. And the fact that you thought that I was her, I love that”.

Another fan gave her a poster for autograph where the actress was seen in a swimsuit. She also autographed that with a smile. She even took selfies with the fans while leaving the studio.

The ‘Bad Mom’ arrived in the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ with a very casual outfit. She was wearing a white T-shirt, relaxed black pants, white sneakers, and a black face mask.

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