Did Justin Bieber Look Really ‘Glum’ on His Latest Dinner Date with Hailey?

Justin and Haily Barber were seen on a dinner date night in West Hollywood earlier this week and Justin looked very ‘glum’ and depressed. 

The ‘Baby’ singer 29-year-old Justin and his model wife Hailey (26) have been married since 2018. After 5 years of marriage, they were spotted at Sushi Park on Tuesday 5th September.

By analyzing his body language, experts claimed that Justin looked gloomy and walked beside his wife Hailey after the dinner.

justin bieber and hailey bieber dinner date

Justin’s Body Language According to Expert:

A body language expert, Judi James, told the Mirror that Justin’s body language is similar to a ‘little boy-sulk glum’ when he walked ahead of his wife Hailey by putting his hands inside his pocket.

According to her, hands in the pockets can be a signal that he wants to hide from something, especially when the pockets of jeans are already very much low-slung.

On the contrary, Hailey’s body language was much more composed, grown-up, and confident like a responsible manager.

According to Judi, Justin may be tired of his work, emotions, and speculations. Perhaps the couple is trying to be the newest power couple in Hollywood, where Justin could play the role of ‘A-list pop star’ and Hailey gives the manager vibes, as Hailey took over the business affairs of Justin.

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