Why did Taylor Momsen Exit  Gossip Girl? Now It’s Revealed 

Taylor Momsen and Penn Badgley had a long-awaited reunion on September 6, the first time since their CW teen drama’s series finale in 2012.

The special event took place on Podcrushed, Badgley’s podcast alongside co-hosts like Nava Kavelin and Sophie Ansari.

In the hour-long podcast, the duo remembered and shared their mutual experience while working for the ‘Gossip Girl’. 

In the series, Penn played the role of Dan Humphrey, while Taylor portrayed his sister Jenny for four seasons.

Taylor revealed that she was merely 12-13 years old when they filmed that plot and she was very hesitant about leaving her middle school friends, but later she was convinced to do so.

Why did Taylor Momsen exit Gossip Girl?

She also revealed this was the time, Taylor realized that she wanted to pursue her career as a musician. At that time, she was writing lyrics based on her emotional feelings and lost her passion for acting.

Among the cast members, she was the youngest. She felt she didn’t fit in with other members- especially with Connor’s friends. She was the new ‘Grinch ’ girl, who is weird and lives in an isolated world, partially of her own creation.

Before joining the Gossip Girl, Momsen was a part of a band with her school friends. When she moved to New York in 2007 for the series, her life took a new turn. 2 years later, she founded a new rock band ‘Pretty Reckless’, that she continues to lead to this day.

Taylor also explained how she made a smooth change in her life by uprooting herself overnight with the help of the ‘Gossip Girl’ team.

Momsen showed gratitude to the Gossip Girl team as they really helped and allowed her to follow her dream to be a musician and singer.

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