Gary Wright Lost the Health Battle at the age of 80

According to TMZ, the Dream Weaver singer passed away at 80 at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California, on Monday morning, Sept. 4.

Gary’s sons Justin and Dorian confirmed this news to various news outlets. However, no causes of death have been announced so far.

According to sources, Gary has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s’ for 5-6 years and after that, he was also suffering from Lewy body dementia.

Gary’s Parkinson’s disease affected his body so rapidly that he lost his ability to move around and speak.

The nurses, who were taking care of Gary at his home, informed the family members a few days ago that Gary had entered the final stages of his life.

On his deathbed, his family members loved ones, and friends were present, which includes famous singer and songwriter Stephen Bishop.

Bishop, on his social media, shared two photos with Gary, remembering the first and last concert with him.

Top Songs Of Gary Wright:

Gary Wright was an American musician and song composer who is famous for his songs ‘Dream Weaver’ and ‘Love is Alive’. His other famous songs are: Really Wanna Know You, Get on the Right Road, Water Sign, and Can’t Find the Judge. 

He ended up with 12 different albums dating back to 1970. He also collaborated with numerous number of other musicians. His famous partnership was with none other than former Beatle George Harrison. Gary served as a keyboardist in George’s album “All Things Must Pass”. 

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