You’ll be surprised by the activities of ‘Taken’-star Liam Neeson

‘Taken’ star Liam Neeson in Conan O’Brien’s US Presenter’s Podcast that he still remembers his late wife Natasha Richardson and every day they talk to each other.

The couple got married in the year 1994 and have two kids: Daniel and Micheal. Unfortunately, Natasha died in a fatal accident in 2009.

Natasha died after sustaining a head injury which first seemed to be a commonplace fall. The accident occurred while she was taking a beginner’s skiing lesson at a resort in Canada.

Remembering Natasha, Liam revealed that during the birth of Micheal, the nurses came up with a unique treatment for Natasha who was highly anemic.

In Conan’s podcast, the Irish actor also revealed that he used to work in a Guinness bottling plant in Ballymena, Ireland.

Despite having such a gorgeous career spanning more than two decades, Liam faced a lot of financial and emotional hurdles in his life. 

The 71-year-old Irish actor bagged numerous awards in his career but he has no friend to promote his new action film, Retribution.

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