Snow Patrol: Two Important Members Left the Band

Gary Lightbody, the singer, and songwriter, revealed the news today that two important members of the group “Snow Patrol” have quit. But the good news is the other three members Gary Lightbody, Johnny McDaid, and Nathan Connolly will act in the group as a trio.

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On Facebook, Gary showed respect and tribute to Jonny Quinn and Paul Wilson, the members who left the group, and wished them success in the future. He also confirmed that a new Snow Patrol album, their eighth studio record, will be released in 2024.

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The sad news broke out just a few weeks after the band celebrated 20 years of their first breakout album “The Final Straw” released in 2003. 

While paying the tributes, Gary was emotional and heartbroken and said, “We are heartbroken they have decided to leave us but we wish them nothing but happiness, success, joy, compassion, and everything they want in all their future endeavors.”

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Jonny Quinn, the drummer, has been playing band for Snow Patrol since 1997. Gary said, Jonny was “more than a drummer” and used to take part in band management and often he took the role of a manager for the band. Jonny is known as a ‘thunderclap’ because he hits the drum very hard to create an electrifying atmosphere.

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The other member Paul Wilson joined the band in 2005 as the bassist but he could play every instrument. Mr. Lightbody described Wilson as one of the funniest guys he ever met. Gary also said the two members deserve a separate post individually for a proper send-off.

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