Good News for Taylor Swift Fans: Eras Tour will be available to everyone

Taylor Swift has broken all the records on the U.S. leg of her Eras tour. It was very tough to get the tickets for her concert. If you missed her concert, you have good news. Her Eras tour concert film is coming to the movie theater on October 13. 

Swift has announced that the concert film “Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour” will be available in theaters in North America before anywhere else. The theater chain AMC already anticipated the demand for the movie and promised that the film would be available in theaters at least four times a day from Thursday to Sunday.

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Swift thanked her fans and stated that Eras tour was one of the most electrifying moments of her life so far and she’d love to share the experience on the big screen as well.

Due to the high demand, the ticket price will be higher than a normal movie ticket as for adults it’ll cost around $20 but for children, the ticket will cost around $13 and the advance booking begins Thursday. 

The AMC group who is also the distributor of the film, claimed that the craze for the movie is insane and it has upgraded its website to handle such a huge crowd. The website currently facing a five-time ticket-buying rush which it was faced before. Also Read: Pop singer Adele is Ready to be a mom again

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