Tyson Fury Mocked World Champion

Tyson Fury took to social media to mock the world champion Oleksandr Usyk after his recent victory against Daniel Dubois. Fury posted a picture with the trunk pulled up high near the sternum to taunt IBF, WBA & WBO heavyweight champion Usyk for having his trunk high during the fight against Dubois last Saturday in Poland.

In the fifth round, Dubois landed a lethal body shot just on the beltline which the referee ruled out as a low blow and gave Usyk more than enough time to recover. 

Many analysts argue that Usyk’s trunk was pulled up higher than the belly button which saved him from the devastating knock-out. In the post-fight press conference, Dubois claimed that, if the trunk was lower, then the body shot was counted, and maybe he could knock Usyk out.

Although Usyk insists that he’d go up earlier if the referee Luis Pabon started to count earlier. The referee gave Usyk three minutes to recover. If Usyk had not given so much time, the Dubois could drop him again, and that unwanted interval changed the whole momentum of the fight, claimed by many fighters. 

Since the post-fight press conference, Team Usyk has been convincing everyone about the body shot by stating the rules in the rule book. It is no surprise that his rival Tyson Fury took to social media to taunt him.

Previously, there were many failed attempts to make the fight happen between Fury and Usyk. Since Usyk has beaten Anthony Joshua for the second time, they both called out each other multiple times but unfortunately, the fight didn’t happen. 

Tyson Fury will fight next MMA star Francis Ngannou on October 28, 2023, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

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