50 Cent could be in Serious Legal Trouble

50 cents could be in danger after throwing a microphone into a fan’s head during his “Final Lap” tour at the Crypto.com arena in Los Angeles on August 30. The altercation started just after the show wrapped up and a frustrated 50 Cent hurling the mic not only once but twice to the fans. 

The rapper was upset due to the fact that the microphone was not working. He threw the mic the first time with little force but the second time he threw it with amplified energy and hit a fan on his head. 

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The “Final Lap” incorporates many special celebrities which also including YG, who was performing on the stage at the time 50 Cent hit the fan. Images have been circulating all over social media of the incident and the victim has been identified. The victim is the host of Power 106, Bryhana Monegain. The bloody images of Bryhana with an open wound on her forehead are circulating all over social networks. 

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This is not the first time that a singer threw a mic at a fan. Before that, Cardi B also pelted a microphone at a fan and the victim started a short-lived legal battle with Cardi B. However, she retaliated against the fan who threw a drink at her on the stage but she ended up hitting a nearby person. The victim filed a police charge on the next day but somehow Cardi B cleared the possible charge against her as soon as possible. 

Both Monegain and representatives of 50 Cent refuse to react immediately in public. Los Angeles Police is yet to confirm if any police report has been filed. 

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