The Final Fantasy 16 PC Version: Here We Go

The final Fantasy 16 PC Version is officially confirmed by director Naoki Yoshida. After the first declaration of Final Fantasy 16, the first trailer for the RPG game listed as a PC version was withdrawn. Since then, the fans have been waiting for the confirmation of its presence as the developer Square Enix didn’t reveal anything clearly. 

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The Final Fantasy 16 director Naoki Yoshida now confirmed that the entire team is working on the development of its PC version. He also added, that following its release on PlayStation 5 exclusive, many fans demanded to release of FF16 for PC, and that motivated the entire team to work for it. 

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Besides this news, Yoshida also revealed that the team is also working on two installments of paid DLC, which they expect to also make their way to PC.

While interviewing the ‘Voices From Valisthea’ panel at PAX West 2023, Yoshida didn’t mention any release date for the DLC or the PC version yet but he promised to give more information about the two versions by the end of the year.

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