Former Baywatch star’s ex-wife Loni Willison spotted roaming homelessly

Former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson’s ex-partner, Loni Willison, who is also a 40-years-old ex-model spotted in the streets of Los Angeles with a bruised eye and smoking a cigarette.

The former model was seen a couple of times in the last few weeks carrying a cart of clothes and searching for food outdoors. The bruises were visible on her eyes and hands.

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Loni was wearing a white vest and black leggings and a red hoodie was wrapped around her waist. She also wore a white cap and a black scarf around her neck. 

Loni Willison Homeless

In an interview published in May by X17 Online, Loni blamed her ex-partner Jeremy for her poor condition. She alleged that Jeremy divorced her with an intentional plan to marry another woman. 

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Loni also accused Jeremy of often trying to harass her when he was drunk. In 2018, after a long time out from the public eye Loni was found homeless on the streets of LA for the first time. 

She was interviewed in Daily Mail that she suffered a mental breakdown in 2016 and it felt like someone gave her an electric shock. 

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Although Loni didn’t reveal much about the bruise, she hinted that there was something wrong with her. 

Loni first spoke against Jeremy back in 2015 when Jeremy was booted from Celebrity Big Brother in the UK due to his vulgar behavior against Chloe Goodman. 

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The Los Angeles Police Department of Wilshire division has confirmed in Daily Mail that a domestic violence call was reported in 2014 from a couple. 

That incident was very painful to Loni Willison as she was left with broken ribs, an injured neck, and scratches all over her face and body. But Kind Loni didn’t want Jeremy to go to jail and that’s why she dropped the charge against Jeremy. 

Later Loni regrets not putting Jeremy behind bars. She was also sympathetic towards Chloe and claimed this was the real personality of Jeremy.

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