“Doona!” on Netflix is a Standard Series With Smooth Execution (Spoiler-Free)

Doona! or Le Doona! Is the latest Naver webtoon adaptation for Netflix Korea and Studio Dragon. The series is based on a popular webtoon “Doona” by Min Song-Ah and directed by Lee Jung-Hyo. “Doona” focuses on the romance between Lee Doo-na (Bae Suzy) and Lee Won-jun (Yang Se-jong). It could be described as a newer version of “Starstruck” with gender-reversed. 

Story Review of Doona!:

Lee Won-jun is a college student and he decided that he’ll move to Seoul as his sister is out of the hospital. His friend who has a seafood business, has a particular affinity for Lee Doona (Bae Suzy), the lead singer of “Dream Sweet” a K-pop band.

When Won-Jun rented a room, he noticed a lady smoking gold-foil-tipped cigarettes. The lady is very familiar to him but he is unable to figure out where they met before. The lady saw the Dream Sweet hoodie and got annoyed. 

Won-Jun kept tracking that lady around the building and the lady felt that Won-Jun was a stalker. Later, Won-Jun realized that the lady was none other than Dream Sweet’s lead singer Lee Doo-na. Then, Won-Jun tried to convince Doo-na that he was not a fanboy, just his friend gifted him that hoodie. But she was just sick of the attention that she received from the world.

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Next, Won-Jun ran to his old school girlfriend Kim Jin-joo (Shin Ha-young) who was now at the same university as him. It means they’d meet more often than before. It is quite obvious that Won-Jun had feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

When Won-Jun returned he saw Doona was sitting in snow-cold outside. He took Doona to the hospital and became her guardian when he understood that Doona had no one to help her out. That situation changed Doona’s opinion of him and she started to spend days with Won-Jun. 

While doing laundry, Won-Jun found out that Doona was not into him “that way,” as she trusted rarely someone as a friend. After a frustrating period, when he lost his tutorial job, Doona secretly called him for the job but he scolded Doona for that. The next day, Won-Jun felt bad and surprisingly, Doona visited his class and their friendship started.

Is Doona! Worth Watching?

Doona! Is like a standard romantic Korean series. How they meet, fall in love, and find their happiness, is similar to many other Korean series. They didn’t start anything romantic at first, instead, they waited to become good friends and incept feelings for each other. You should definitely watch it out at least once for their amazing performances. Doona! is now available on Netflix from October 20, 2023.

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