Upload Season 3 Review: Did Nathan Destroy Freeyond?

Prime Video’s latest series based on the afterlife rom-com “Upload” season 3 is now on the air. The main characters of the series Nara and Nathan are on a quest to upend a big afterlife. Nathan’s consciousness is downloaded into a body and returned to the Earth to help Nara blow up the system profiting the billionaires. The duo put themselves in danger as they were against some of the powerful personalities of the planet and the Afterlife.

The series reminds me of “The Good Place” in which the dead people try to understand the afterlife’s mechanics and architects. Mike Schur, the director of “The Good Place” and Greg Daniels, the director of “Upload” together worked in Parks and Recreation so we can expect similarities between the two. 

Story Review of “Upload” Season 3:

At the end of “Upload” Season 2, the consciousness of Nathan was downloaded into his clone body and he has 24 hours despite the process being highly experimental. He is now on a mission to protect Freeyond, his free afterlife program and to do so, he needs to break the system completely and manipulate the source code. 

The second season ended on a cliffhanger and Nathan was missing from his afterlife resort and a backup version of his consciousness was uploaded there. That signifies two Nathan co-existing, one is dead and the other one is real-world Nathan. But at the end of the second season arises the question that how long the real-life Nathan will survive. Because his head can explode anytime.

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Nathan’s head blasts at the start of the new season. But the blast was not real, it was in Nora’s dream. When she wakes up from the dream, Nathan is alive. Next, they combined with fellow LUDDs Matteo (Paulo Costanzo) and Ivan (Josh Banday) to break into Freeyond which promises heaven after death for everyone, doesn’t matter if someone is rich or poor. 

However, the dead Nathan has no idea about what is going on. For him last month had never existed because he exists in a completely different timeline. When his girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) realizes it is the right time to make things right with Nathan. 

Real World Nathan breaks into the Freeyond and realizes that the major head of a digital afterlife company uses the Freeyond to manipulate and ultimately kill the people who aren’t rich. Nathan discovers a video deep in the Freeyond files that blames the death of millions of people on LUDDs. He slowly realized that Freeyond is now used to kill millions of poor and provoke outrage. 

Nathan puts himself in danger by bringing the secret video to the public. Nora’s ex-partner Matteo is killed by Detective Sato (Hiro Kanagawa).  Sato has been working for Freeyond for a long time. Nathan and Nora run away to a safe place with hard drives containing the consciousnesses of all of Freeyond’s victims.

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