Ethan Ampadu isn’t Happy After a Draw Against Hull City

Ethan Ampadu is unhappy after the draw against Hull City. The Leeds United midfielder was interviewed extensively by LUTV after the match where Ethan revealed his frustration.

Ethan Ampadu was one of the key players for the Peacocks on Wednesday against Hull City and helped the club secure a third successive clean sheet. Ethan played for an entire 90 minutes and received a Yellow card. However, it was not an easy game for Leeds as their defender Joe Rodon received a Red card in the 60th minute.

The 23-year-old Wales International player helped the Whites to achieve five-match unbeaten streaks in the championship. Ethan also accepted that the game was tough, especially when the team was 10 men down for the last 30 minutes.

According to Ethan, Hull City dominated the game by ball position (58%), and the shot at the end which struck the bar, was the only threat from Hull City. Otherwise, it was quite easy for Leeds to defend.

A red card always acts as an ignition for the opponent to get momentum and they always try to dig for the opportunity, so did Hull City.

However, Ethan talked about some positive points as well. According to him, you can’t lose if you keep a clean sheet and Leeds players are proud of this. 

Although Leeds wanted to secure a win against Hull City.  When you can’t win, you have to make sure that you don’t lose- this philosophy will help the players to fight in the next matches according to Ethan. 

Leeds were unlucky though as they took 17 shots on the opponent and out of them 4 were on target. If Leeds United were a little bit more clinical, they’d finish the match with three points. 

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