James Brolin’s Net Worth, Car Collection, and Movies/TV Shows: Unknown Facts You Should Know About James

Fans are really excited to know about James Brolin’s net worth, car collections, movies, and television shows after Barbra Streisand revealed how she first met the 83-year-old American actor. Let’s have a closer look at Josh Brolin’s beloved father James Brolin.

What is James Brolin’s Net Worth and Car Collection?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, James Brolin’s net worth is $50 million. James is an American actor, producer, and director who is best known for his work in television series like “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” “Hotel,” “Life in Pieces,” and “Pensacola: Wings of Gold”. 

The majority of James Brolin’s net worth has come from movies, either from acting, directing, or producing.  Apart from acting, he is a businessman as well as a well-known investor. He has a handsome income from his business and investments.

James Brolin’s Car Collection:

Before pursuing his career as an actor, James was working in the automotive industry and hence he has an incredible interest and affection for cars. James had a brief and successful career in sports car racing in the late ‘70s. He achieved victory at celebrity auto races and also participated in the Nürburgring race in 1979. James had two teams which came first and second in the race. Famous female driver Lyn St. James was an integral member of his car team.

James Brolin’s car collection includes some of the coolest cars you have seen. Famous American Television host Jay Leno visited James’ garage and James introduced him to his vintage original 1937 Ford pickup which is worth roughly $30,000 these days. The sports car includes a 3.6-liter V-8, kicking out roughly 85 horsepower. Apart from this, James also owns a Lamborghini but the model is still a secret.

About James Brolin:

James Brolin was born Craig Kenneth Bruderlin on July 18, 1940, in Westwood Village, Los Angeles, California. He is the eldest of two brothers and two sisters. His parents are Helen Sue, a housemaker, and Henry Hurst Bruderlin, a famous building contractor. 

Since his childhood, James has been interested in animals and building and flying model airplanes. As a younger filmgoer in the mid-50s, Brolin was fascinated with actor James Dean and started shooting 8mm films. Famous actor Ryan O’Neal first invited him to a casting agency and his family always supported James to be an actor like Ryan.

James Brolin’s Movies and Television Shows:

James debuted on television with Follow the Sun in 1961. In the late ‘60s, he was fired by 20th Century Fox and joined Universal Studios. He had the opportunity to play a role opposite Robert Young in ABC’s hit medical drama “Marcus Welby, M.D.” as Dr. Steven Kiley. Brolin won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role for Dr. Steven (1970). He received three consecutive nominations for the Emmy Awards in 1971, 72, and 73 and won the Golden Globe Award twice (1971 and 1973). 

james brolin movies and tv shows

During this time, John also worked in films and series like “Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law,” and “Trapped.” He was cast as the male lead of Aaron Spelling’s primetime soap opera “Hotel” (1983), for which he received two Golden Globe nominations.

In the 1990s, James worked on two big projects, ABC’s “Extreme” and CBS’s “Angel Falls, “but both projects failed miserably. Then he worked in series like “And the Sea Will Tell,” “Visions of Murder,”  and “Pensacola: Wings of Gold.” 

James was praised for his role as Ronald Reagan in”The Reagans” and the role earned him both Emmy as well as Golden Globe nominations. The last time James was seen in a TV series was “Life in Pieces,” where James played the role of a family patriarch. However, James is still giving his voice in the Netflix TV series Sweet Tooth.

James Brolin was part of many famous films as well. He kicked off his film journey with Take Her, She’s Mine (1963). He was part of many successful films such as “Skyjacked,” “Westworld,” Gable and Lombard,” “The Car,” “Capricorn One,” and the supernatural horror film “The Amityville Horror.” James was also cast in Oscar-winning crime drama “Traffic,” Steven Spielberg’s “Catch Me If You Can,” “A Guy Thing” and the thriller “The Hunting Party.”

Dating History, Wife, and Children of James Brolin:

James brolin wife  Barbra Streisand
James Brolin and Barbra Streisand

James’ first wife was actress and wildlife activist Jane Cameron Agee. He married Jane in 1966 and the couple had two children, Josh (Thanos) and Jess Brolin. The couple was separated in 1984. 

Again in 1986, James tied the knot with Jan Smithers, whom he had met on the set of “Hotel.” He had a daughter with Jan, Molly Elizabeth. But the marriage was not a long-lasting event. They got divorced in 1995.

During this time James met singer and actress Barbra Streisand in a dinner party (1996). Finally, James found his soulmate and married her in 1998. Now the couple lives in Malibu, California. Barbra Streisand has a son (Jason Gould) from her ex-husband Elliott Gould. 


What is the age, height, and weight of James Brolin?

James Brolin is 83-year-old and his height is 6’3” or 191 cm. His weight is around 175 lbs or 80 kg.

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