Angelo Mathews Became the First Player to be Timed Out in International Cricket

Angelo Mathews became the first and only player in International cricket to be timed out as he asked for a helmet change after walking onto the pitch. According to ICC rules, a batsman has to be ready within two minutes to face a ball but Mathews was not ready to face.

As Mathews was tightening his straps around his chin, it broke. Mathews was in the final stage to face Bangladesh captain Shakib Al-Hasan, but due to an unfortunate event, Mathews had to depart.

Mathews quickly ordered the helmet but the time ran out. When Chamika Karunaratne arrived with a new helmet, the two-minute time limit was over. After a discussion with Shakib, umpire Marais Erasmus declared Mathews as timed out.

At first Mathews thought, the umpire was joking and he was in his helmet. Then Mathews approaches umpire Erasmas and Richard Illingworth. After a long discussion with Shakib and Mathews, the umpires revealed their final decision of time out.

According to ICC, the batsman must be ready to face the ball within two minutes of the dismissal or retirement. By this rule, Mathews was clearly out and he had nothing to do to reverse the situation. Mathews was forced to leave the field and he was very annoyed with the decision.

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