MLS Vice President Compared Between David Beckham and Lionel Messi

MLS Vice President Nelson Rodriguez has compared the arrival of David Beckham in MLS in 2007 and Lionel Messi’s arrival in 2023 in Inter Miami.

According to him, Lionel Messi has completely revolutionized the American soccer market. Since his arrival, Messi’s impact has been felt at all levels of the social and economic sphere.

Nelson Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of Sports Products and Competition of the MLS, spoke about many topics in the Ole Summit Sports. 

What did Rodriguez say about Messi and Beckham?

Rodriguez wanted to give dimension to the arrival of Messi. He tried to express his thoughts about the arrival by comparing it with other big star’s appearances such as David Beckham. 

lionel messi mls inter miami

He also assumes that this transfer move will impact US football in a good way not only for several years but also for decades.

Since its inception in 1996, the league has grown a lot. In 2008, they made an ambition that whether you are a player, coach, or referee, MLS has to be in your destination.

David Beckham’s joining to MLS had a great impact on Messi’s arrival according to Rodriguez. He also appreciated the efforts of Mas Brothers, the owners of Inter Miami, who convinced Messi to join the club.

When he was asked about what Lionel Messi means to MLS, he replied that it is a pride moment for the league to have Lionel Messi. He described the Argentinian Legend as “Something Else” and said his impact would not be measured for another 10, 15, or 20 years.

When Rodriguez was asked to compare the arrival of Messi and Beckham in MLS, he answered briefly that Beckham was the superstar. But Messi is “something else”. He is a family man, humble, classy, the best player who ever lived and he has already won everything possible in football.

After joining MLS, Messi surely made American superstars his fans as in every match of Inter Miami, many of them came only to witness the GOAT of Football.

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